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Why Should I Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Is a Lawyer Worth It?

The United States of America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. It’s a country many people find themselves dreaming about. A place where anyone, regardless of their background, can make something of themselves. It also boasts a quality of life and certain freedoms other nations do not provide. With a massive helping of perseverance and grit, along with a tiny dash of luck, you can live the life of your dreams in America.

All these contribute to the high volume of individuals looking to enter the USA. The US limits the visas and green cards they hand out to prevent potential issues. If you want to immigrate, you’ll compete with thousands of others for limited slots. You’ll want to boost your chances as much as possible.

That’s where an immigration attorney can come in handy. By hiring a lawyer, you get years of experience and extensive legal knowledge to peruse your application and reduce the chances of being denied. El Camino Inmigracion is here to refine your petition and make it easier for you to start the path to immigration.

How Can a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Help Me?

US Immigration

The main reason to hire an attorney is to have the best chance to convince immigration authorities to let you in. Here are some more ways they can help you:

Avoid common pitfalls and egregious mistakes.

A mistake in your immigration application does not go away with a simple apology. At best, it’s a waste of time and money as you repeat the entire immigration process. At worst, you lose your chance to enter the US. 

Save time and money.

As mentioned above, mistakes cost time and money. But even with a perfect application, you may waste time and money if you can’t do it efficiently. The knowledge and experience of an immigration attorney allow you to submit your application as soon as possible, reducing costs and avoiding wasting time.

Protect your rights

Visa and green card applicants do have rights under US law. While many people may be happy to help you along the immigration process, you may find a few that seem to be out to get you. Our immigration attorney knows your rights and how to ensure that you exercise them.

Deal with all the paperwork

Handling documents and requesting papers can be quite a slog. Our immigration attorney can minimize the tediousness of the process so you can get your visa or green card as soon as possible.

Help with appeals

If you’re filing an appeal for your petition, you know you’ve already done something wrong in the first go. A fresh set of eyes backed by extensive knowledge and experience can find the solution to help you appeal your case.

Where Do I Find an Attorney to Help Me?

El Camino Inmigracion is a Ventura-based immigration law firm ready to help you with your immigration needs. We spent our legal career helping people around California, especially the greater Los Angeles area. 

If you need legal advice regarding your immigration case, fill out our online form or call us. 


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